If a hot tub is on your shopping list or perhaps you have one but need some inspiration, we have pulled together 17 of our favourites for you to look through. 

Whether you are looking for your own slice of zen or something a little outlandish, there is something for everyone to appreciate, enjoy, and maybe even replicate. 

Your home and garden is an extension of your personality, and having a hot tub is an opportunity to relax and unwind, so bringing these two aspects together in the decor and atmosphere that you create, is key to feeling right at home in the tub.

Urban sanctuary 

The decking and the trees make the perfect setting for some urban relaxation, which is proof that you can create your own slice of heaven, wherever in the world you may be.

We love how this set up has everything you need in one place, with the seating area and table meaning you will have little need to leave the area. A built-in hot tub might be more investment, but it certainly looks the part if you’re in your forever home.

Set in stone 

This hot tub becomes part of the ambience and atmosphere, built into the garden and complimented by the wooden privacy screen to offer up that extra bit of seclusion. 

The planning that goes into a hot tub set up like this might be more than your average install, but the sweeping and dramatic look is more than worth the extra effort. Just keep in mind that you will have to consider in built drainage systems and power outlets, so you can keep your hot tub running smoothly.

Your zen garden 

Who needs a trip to the spa when you have everything you need at the end of the garden? This enclosure makes for the perfect zen den, robe hooks included. 

Your very own sanctuary which would be complete with some hot tub safe essential oils and maybe even a playlist built especially for relaxation. The hot tub set up makes you drop your shoulders and unclench your jaw just looking at it.

Bohemian getaway 

Nestled in the corner but packed with boho touches, this hot tub is actually a portable one, meaning lower cost, but no less bubbles. This is the perfect party set up, finished with string lights and a dose of good vibes. 

Perfect for posed-pics and very Instagram-worthy, we love how the inflatable hot tub has been elevated by its surroundings, which is proof that even if you’re working to a budget, you can get a look and feel that is luxe, despite not having the price tag to match.

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You can really dream 

I never knew I needed an indoor hot tub and fireplace until right now
byu/JiveMonkey inpics

An indoor hot tub right in front of the fire, overlooking the forest and drenched in candle light, If you’re dreaming up a hot tub setting, then this one might just go to the top of your list. 

While this might not be the average hot tub set up, it is certainly one to get you thinking outside of the box at different things you can do or try to make your hot tub set up truly unique. So save this one to your inspo board and if you win the lottery, who knows?

Simply perfect 

There doesn’t need to be complicated installs to get your hot tub setting feeling like home, using an umbrella as a cover and setting the scene with mood lighting and some personal touches makes the perfect garden escape. 

When you’re looking at hot tub enclosures and accessories, your mind might automatically go to the big pergolas and fancy structures, but an umbrella can be exactly what you need depending on your space and requirements. If you’re short on space or looking for something portable, an umbrella is the perfect solution and this set up proves just that.

Designed for relaxation 

Lazy mornings and long evenings are on the cards in this corner of the garden. Privacy and seating built into one, offering the easy-going and laid back vibe that goes hand in hand with time in the tub. 

An unconventional cover as well as a space that has been maximised through clever use of seating and privacy, we love how this set up has squeezed every inch out of this corner of the garden, and it is a true example of how you can make the most of your space, no matter the size.

Perfectly formed 

If space is a consideration then this gorgeous set up will convince you to work with what you have. Intimately created with a fairy-lit shelter, this looks like the perfect space for two. 

If you have a one person hot tub or a two person hot tub, then a set up like this can be just the ticket to a space for relaxation. You don’t need buckets of room for a hot tub, and you certainly don’t need added bars or seating areas if the space doesn’t allow. Work with what you have, just like this set up has done.

The whole hog 

Proud of my setup, one year after I first got it!
byu/kutabare_86 inhottub

Now, if you do have more room, then you can really go the whole hog.

A tub that is set to play host to all your friends and a BBQ on the side, this garden set up is crying out for summer gatherings and evenings chatting over a drink or two in the hot tub. 

We love how this has created a space to truly entertain, and you don’t need to leave until you’re well and truly ready to.

Slick and suave 

The grey tones to this hot tub and bar combination are both refined and classy, leaving room for flourishes and touches for every occasion. The hot tub cover rolls back, for easy access and use. 

This is minimalism at its finest, offering a true luxe vibe without any faff. While there isn’t an enclosure in place for this one, you could easily add an umbrella into the equation if you’re looking for privacy or protection.

Follow the path 

Lit up along the way, follow the garden path down to your own oasis of calm. Stepping away from the hustle of the house and the noise of the day, we can’t help but think it is the perfect place to relax. 

The lighting in particular makes this a dreamy set up. Lighting can make or break a hot tub set up and this is the perfect example of how getting it right can elevate the experience. Team this with the perfect enclosure for privacy and protection from the elements, and then you have your own oasis at the end of the garden – perfection.

At one with nature 

This gorgeous oasis brings a slice of nature into your garden and home, complete with everything you need to feel a million miles away from the responsibilities of everyday life. 

With a design like this, you again need to consider draining and refilling options, to make sure that you’re making your life as easy as you can, instead of coming to clean your hot tub every three to four months and being met with a difficult task each time. That being said, the extra planning is worth it to have a hot tub that looks like this.

Let me entertain you 

This hot tub takes centre stage but the bar area that surrounds it is the perfect setting for an evening of entertainment and conversation – a true party hub. 

This type of enclosure does two jobs in one, acting as the privacy and protection as well as the life and soul of the party. If you have a lot of people around regularly, an option like this means you keep everyone in one place, instead of having different party offshoots away from the tub.

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Winter wonderland 

First time I’ve been excited for winter since.. forever. ❄️?️
byu/jlmoonbeam inhottub

There is something about being in a hot tub in winter and this phot says a thousand words. You can feel the warmth of the tub and the glow of the lights, which is exactly where we want to be. 

Remember what we said about lighting? This is another amazing example, of how you can change the mood and vibe with some simple lighting additions. If you’re looking for more privacy, you could add windbreakers or wooden panels to the sides, but other than that, we love this design.

Hidden escape 

This hot tub is surrounded by a fenced enclosure, made futuristic with the use of clever lighting. This is the ideal way to build a spot of seclusion, no matter what is on the other side of the fence.

This sunken effect with the built in decking looks super slick, and means that you get a more elevated look and feel to your hot tub. Again, consider the draining and refilling options to make sure you’re planning for the future, but otherwise, you’re in for a stargazing treat.

Hot tub Time Machine 

Hot tub meets cinema, this is the only set up you need when planning a movie night, with the cinema screen right in your line of sight – perfection. 

For this, you will need an old projector and somewhere safe to set up the device, so that you can relax and make the most of the movie night ahead. Pair with some popcorn and other cinema-style snacks and you have yourself the perfect date night or gathering – all from the comfort of your tub.

Float away 

The ultimate setting for relaxation with the voiles and fairy lights hanging down and draping around you as you enjoy a moment of quiet in your hot tub. It’s almost like the real world doesn’t exist! 

We’d love to pair this one with a relaxing playlist, maybe some hot tub safe essential oils, and setting in for a romantic date night or even just as a treat after a long day at work. We can almost feel it!

Secret tub

This tub has been built into the decking and with a Smart Cover that will leave you guests wondering where the tub is! Perfect for space saving as well as a cool feature for your garden.

While this one would take a little more planning that some of the others we have mentioned, there is something super satisfying about having a hidden hot tub in the garden. Add an umbrella for some cover should we be blessed with the Great British Weather, and you will be good to go.

Your Hot Tub

Each one of these is so unique in design and feel, and you can create a space that feels truly like somewhere you can spend time, relax, and unwind. 

Whether you choose an inflatable hot tub or one that is a permanent feature, there are a whole range of ways that you can make it feel like your own. 

If you’re looking for some further tips and inspiration on creating a sanctuary around your tub, then here are our top three things to consider in the design process. 

Here for a long time, or a good time?

Think about whether or not you are in your forever space, and if your hot tub is one that will stay firmly where it is, or move around. If it is the latter, then you might want to consider things like umbrellas or screens and movable structures, so that you have the freedom to move and aren’t investing unnecessarily when you or the hot tub may move on. 

Size matters

You will need around 30cm around each side of your hot tub for draining and access, with potentially 40cm to get in and out at the entrance. Think about this when you’re planning your surroundings, as you don’t want it to look gorgeous but be an impossible task of cleaning and draining each time. 

The personal touch

Think about what matters to you and how you want to spend your time. Maybe you’re looking for a space that feels a million miles from the house, or if entertaining is your idea of a fun Friday night, then a bar set up might be high on your planning list. Think about your lifestyle and plan your tub area accordingly.