Set up your hot tub in 5 easy steps so you can be enjoying the bubbles in no time. 

Opening your hot tub

Opening up your hot tub will depend on the cover you have chosen, but for the most part, there is a knack to opening them that will save you some time and trouble. The key is to lift the handle on the cover and the skirt at the same time, so you open the cover more easily and prevent damaging the cover in the process. 

Turning your hot tub on

Hot tubs are always on if they are connected to the power, so check your breaker if you don’t have a visible control panel that has an obvious ON/OFF button. Hot tubs are designed to be left on, and the settings will do the hard work for you. 

Your hot tub settings 

Hot tubs have different settings depending on the make, model, and sophistication of the hot tub. Check your own user manual, but it is always worth playing around with the different settings and features so that you can find the combination that works for you. 

Setting up your hot tub

Step 1: Rinse (and drain!)

You will need to rinse and drain your tub before setting it up, whether it is brand new to you or one that you are restarting and refilling. This is to flush away any chemicals or residue that might be lurking. Fill the bottom of your tub with water and run the pump to make sure everything is cleaned out.

TIP: If your hot tub is being filled for the first time after installation, you still need to rinse and drain it, do not scrimp on this step as it can make you unwell.

Step 2: Clean and check 

Once it is rinsed and drained, you will need to clean your hot tub. Ensure that your hot tub is turned off for this step, and when you are confident that it is not switched on, spray the shell of the hot tub with a hot tub cleaner and wipe down the sizes. Ensure you rinse away any residue. 

TIP: Check your hot tub for any damage here, give it the visual once over and make sure that it is in good working order.

Step 3: Filter installation

Now, you need to install your filters. Check with your manual to see how many filters you have, but you will need to install filter cartridges into all filter wells in your hot tub, and remove the cartridges. From here, clean out the filters and ensure that they are in working order and not in need of replacement. 

TIP: Filters are vital to the performance of your hot tub, and keeping them clean and in good condition makes for a happy tub, and can prolong its lifespan.

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Step 4: Fill and test

Now for the action, fill up your hot tub with water. You want to make sure that your water is covering the jets but that the tub has not been overfilled. 

Then, you can test your pumps, and add your start-up chemicals. Do not do this until your water has reached 30 degrees Celsius or 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Add one chemical at a time and then run your pump for 10 minutes to make sure the chemicals have dispersed evenly in your hot tub water.

From here, test your water. Test and test again to make sure the water is safe, as chemical imbalances can be dangerous. Use a test strip to check the Alkalinity and pH Levels of your hot tub water.

TIP: Use warm water to speed up the next step, which is getting it to the desired temperature. 

Step 5: Enjoy your bubbles

You can now set the temperature of your hot tub and get ready to enjoy your bubbles. The temperature should fall between 36 and 38 degrees Celsius or 98 and 102 degrees Fahrenheit, and you should monitor the temperature and chemical balance to ensure that it is safe on both counts. If you want to find out more about how hot your hot tub should be for different times of the year, click here.

Filling up your hot tub for first time

If you’re filling your hot tub up for the first time, it is likely to take around an hour to fill with water, depending on size and water supply. 

To heat the water, it can take between 4 and 6 hours to heat, but here are some tips to speed that up.

Adding chemicals to hot tub first time

The first time you add chemicals to your hot tub will be the starter chemicals, and you need to add them one by one. Make sure you turn on the hot tub for ten minutes to allow the chemicals to circulate, so that when you test the water, you get a true reading. 

Maintenance schedule

Hot tub maintenance is an important part of ownership, and it keeps your tub running for longer. You will need to top up your chlorine after every use, and clean your filters once a week. Hot tub water needs to be changed every three to four months, and you will need to get your hot tub professionally serviced each year. 


How long should I be in the hot tub?

You shouldn’t spend more than one hour in the hot tub, and many people find 30 minutes to be the perfect amount of time to relax.

How does a hot tub work?

Hot tub pump circulates the water in your tub and keeps it at the chosen temperature. The hot tub keeps the water clean, along with the chemicals, and the jets in the hot tub create the bubbles that give you that relaxing, floating sensation.