Hot tub enclosures are not only a way to protect your hot tub, but they can also add stylistic value and make for a more enjoyable hot tub experience. There are a whole range of different hot tubs that you can consider, so here is a run down of the most popular ones, so that you can find one that works for you and your space. 

Considerations for your hot tub enclosure 

If you’re considering an enclosure for your hot tub, then here are a few things that you need to consider when looking at the styles and options available. 

  • Privacy – does the enclosure give you enough privacy?
  • Exposure – does it protect you from the elements and the sun?
  • Aesthetics – does it fit in with how you want your garden to look and feel?
  • View – does it give you the best view from the tub?
  • Accessibility – does it allow you adequate accessibility to your tub?

Keep these elements in mind as you discover the different types of hot tub enclosure

Gazebo enclosure

A gazebo for your hot tub adds a layer of extra privacy, and they are relatively low cost as an enclosure option for your hot tub. 

They’re made of wood and versatile in terms of styling, with a minimalistic look that can be decorated to match your aesthetic. Something to consider is that they do not tend to have sides to them, and they can leave you exposed to the elements depending on your location.

Large umbrella

A large hot tub umbrella is an option instead of a full enclosure, and they offer some protection from sun and rain, and can be used for privacy, also. 

They’re versatile and low-cost, as well as having the added benefit of being moveable, should you wish to. Keep in mind that they offer limited protection and the wear and tear on them over time is hard to maintain and repair due to the nature of the materials. 


Similar to a gazebo, a pergola will be made out of wood or metal, but they typically have an open roof in the form of slats, to allow for extra sunlight to shine through. They are great enclosures for hot tubs as they offer the benefits of shelter, without shutting out all of the natural light. 

They’re sturdy and stand the test of time, while blocking out UV rays and bad weather, but they can also leave you exposed through the sides if you do not have other protection.

Summer house

A summer house or a shed offers a totally different experience to the ones we have mentioned up until this point. A full enclosure offers total protection from the outside world, but it does also mean you don’t benefit from direct sunlight. 

Consider a summer house or shed with appropriate flooring and fundations to make sure that it will be able to withstand the weight of the tub when it is filled with both water and people, and ensure that you have drainage facilities and electrical supply.

Garden room

A garden room can be the tranquil oasis you have dreamed of for your hot tub, offering a space for relaxation and to unwind, a spa in the comfort of your own home. Garden rooms are similar to summer houses or sheds, with added touches and flourishes. If your space is large enough, you can have your hot tub under a canopy outside of your garden room, to get the best of both worlds.

Again, ensure you have the proper means for draining and maintenance if this is something that you are considering. 

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Circle enclosure

A circle enclosure for your hot tub is the perfect way to blend the outdoor and indoor. Typically made of glass, they offer a window into the outside world, and have all the natural light benefits, while keeping you safe and sheltered inside. 

They’re stunning enclosures, but keep in mind that they do not typically offer the most privacy, and you may need to put additional steps in place if privacy is a concern and consideration.

Glamping enclosures

Tipis or wooden yurt-style enclosures are popular with the glamping scene, and if you like the aesthetic and vibe that goes with them, a glamping-style enclosure could be the perfect finishing touch to your hot tub set up. 

Glamping enclosures provide protection and privacy, but ensure you have accessibility for the maintenance side of things if you want to make your life smoother when you come to maintain and drain it every three or four months.

Screened Porch

If you have the space and means, a screened porch is a strong contender as a hot tub enclosure, particularly if you have a nice view from the tub. A screened porch offers protection from the elements, but all the benefits of a glass screen so that you can benefit from your view. 

If you’re installing a screened porch, ensure that the foundations and first steps are in place in order to house your hot tub safely. You may need to take extra measures to ensure you have the desired privacy. 

Retractable Awning

A retractable awning gives you the best of both worlds; gorgeous sunshine when the weather allows, and protection from the skies when it doesn’t. A retractable awning is a good hot tub enclosure solution because of this, and because it is versatile in its usage. 

However, you will need to consider the privacy element, and also whether or not the weather will be able to come in from the sides, as they only offer protection from up ahead. If space is a concern, then an awning is a great option to consider.


A conservatory can make a good hot tub home, but there are many extra considerations such as flooring, condensation, and making sure that the area is properly treated and ventilated. You essentially will need to treat it as though it were a bathroom, so make sure you do your due diligence with this enclosure option.

Hot tub enclosure kits

There are a variety of hot tub enclosure kits available if you are warning to create a sanctuary of your own without the structural elements that some of these enclosures come with. Whether you’re looking for a short-term solution, or something less permanent, there are kits available for you to use at home.

DIY hot tub enclosure options

This brings us on to the DIY options that are available, and the most commonly used DIY hot tub enclosure options are; 

Creative gardening – planting plants or trees to provide extra privacy around your hot tub, and to ensure that you have adequate shelter from elements. 

Retractable screens – using temporary screens as a way to offer privacy and protection when you are enjoying your hot tub outdoors.

Building a fence – it doesn’t have to be a full fence, and you can even use outdoor fabric as opposed to wooden panels, but a fence can work wonders for the privacy and protection of your hot tub.

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Creating a bar within your hot tub enclosure 

Another popular solution is to create a bar area near your hot tub, and these can be built into almost any of these enclosure ideas. Whether you decide to go all in or opt for a mini bar, adding this feature to your enclosure can make entertaining more enjoyable, and it means you don’t have to get out half as much.


How can I enclose my hot tub in the Winter?

You might have one solution that works all year round or you might need to bring in the reinforcements for winter. A hot tub enclosure should be able to protect you from the UK winters, but think about additional needs and maybe look into some temporary enclosure options if you want to up the ante during winter.

How can I make my hot tub more private?

Privacy is an important element in being able to sit and relax. Most enclosures offer protection from the weather, but not all of them offer privacy. Look at your surroundings for your own circumstances and ensure you have all angles covered to fully enjoy your hot tub.

How can I enjoy my hot tub all year round?

Making sure you have proper protection from the elements is key to enjoying your hot tub all year around. There is something magical about sitting in your tub when the air is crisp, but less so if you have rain drops falling on your head. Proper shelter and an enclosure will mean you get to enjoy your tub come rain or shine.