Shopping around for a hot tub? There is an overwhelming amount of choice and it can be hard to know where to start. Here are the six best hot tub brands, according to the internet, so you don’t have to go searching before you even start your search!


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Declaring themselves as the world’s number one hot tub company, HotSpring is one of the most popular hot tub brands, that is for sure. 


They introduced the first fully insulated hot tub with underwater lighting back in 1978, which set an industry standard across the board. They’re known for innovation and a range of best-selling hot tubs, popular with customers across the globe – quite literally. Available worldwide through authorised dealers, they are a giant in the industry with good reason. 


Pricing is not freely available on the brand’s website, with advice to contact your local dealer for pricing and details. However, we did some digging on some dealer websites and these are the sort of prices you will be looking at. 

Freeflow between £4,250 and £6,600
These are plug and play hot tubs designed to be mobile and easeful. 

Hotspot between £13,995 and £21,995
An affordable relaxation option that is a step up from plug and play.

Limelight between £10,495 and £23,495
Style and performance bundled into one hot tub.

Highlife between £14,995 and £21,995
The best from the brand offering function and form.


The brand offers a comprehensive five year component warranty when you register your hot tub with them, but warranties vary from model to model. For example, the Highlife and Limelight collections both include a variation on a seven year shell warranty, whereas the Freeflow and Hotspot ranges offer five year warranties for a similar area of the hot tub. Consult the warranties on the manufacturers website to find out the specific details and exclusions at the time of purchase. 

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Master spas

master spas

From materials to insulation right through to customer experience, Master Spas are the masters in hot tubs and it shows every step of the way. 


The leading manufacturer of hot tubs, they have over 25 years of experience with all of their hot tubs being manufactured in their specialist facility in the US. They are known for their attention to detail and customer service, as well as being a charitable partner for many organisations, with a core focus on their brand values and delivering hot tubs that allow the world to live better.


They range from around £6,000 right up to over £25,000 with a range of models within their collection. 

To give you an idea of what you can get for your money, here’s what you can expect to spend:

The Legend 4 model retails for around £7,995.

It seats five and has 32 jets for the ultimate hydrotherapy. 

The Twilight Series TS 6.2 sits at around £10,995.

It is a smaller tub and has 30 jets but boasts a neck and shoulder massage seat.

The Michael Phelps Legend Series LSX 850 retails for around £18,000

It has an open-seating arrangement seating seven people, with 59 jets and premium therapy seats.

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There are warranties available for every type of hot tub they sell, which can be viewed on their website. The brand sells a variety of different hot tubs; Michael Phelps, Twilight, Legend, Clarity, and Getaway. But, if we look at their UK warranty, it states that they offer a five year warranty on the spa structure and the shell surface, as well as offering a two year warranty on equipment, plumbing and jets, and a one year warranty on LED systems, Dream lighting, Ozonator, Mast3rPur, and audio equipment where applicable for the model you own. It is best to check the warranty for your specific hot tub at the time of purchase.



A name that is so known that we often use it in place of the word ‘hot tub’, and a brand founded by the Jacuzzi brothers over 65 years ago. These hot tubs are some of the finest on the market, often with a price tag to match.


Available across the globe, Jacuzzi is one of the most known and loved hot tub brands in the world. With a whole range of models and features to choose from, they have crafted their skills and products over the last seven decades to provide hot tubs that tick both the quality and comfort boxes. 


They can cost anywhere between £6,000 and £20,000+ depending on the model, but here’s what your money gets you for each price point. 

The classic J-275 hot tub is around £9,999

It seats six people with two corner seats and a lounger built in, and boasts 45 jets in the tub. 

The J-445 hot tub sits at around £15,999.

Again, it is a six seater with multiple seating options, and 40 jets that use the brand’s famed PowerPro technology.

The J-475 hot tub is around £18,999.

A final six-seater but with varying seat heights so you can be in shallow water or go for a deeper experience, and it has the brand’s SmartTub upgrade.


All Jacuzzi hot tubs come with comprehensive warranties which can be viewed per model on the website, but as a guide, the J-400 range warranty offers a 10 year protection on the shell structure, seven years on the shell surface, five years on the cabinet, and four years on the equipment, controls, and plumbing.

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Made with comfort, design, and performance in mind, Caldera is a brand that builds hot tubs with the whole body in mind, which makes them a great pick for hydrotherapy. 


Founded in 1976 and manufactured by Watkins Wellness, these hot tubs are built with longevity and design in mind to offer a spa experience that works alongside fitness and wellness routines. Their spas and hot tubs are designed for those with active lifestyles, conducting research into how a soak post workout can positively impact rest and recovery, as well as a number of other subjects.


Pricing varies region to region, but you can request local pricing online and get in touch with a dealer to see what the options are for your budget. 

Utopia series – £8,800 – £11,800

Pracadise series – £6,600 – £10,300

Vacanza series – £4,400 – £7,400

Fantasy series – £2,200 – £5,100


They say that their is the most complete warranty within the industry, but you can view the specific warranties for each model online. 

As a guide, the Paradise range offers a 10 year shell warranty and seven year shell surface, five years on plumbing, components and EnergyPro, three years on cabinets, two years on LED lighting, and one year on audio speakers. 

By comparison, the brand’s Vacanza series offers five years for the shell and two years on the shell surface. It has two years plumbing, components, and EcoTech, and one year audio warranty – the LED assembly warranty varies from two years to one year depending on the model within the range.

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Pitched as affordable luxury, Nordc is a brand that offers all the standard bells and whistles you would expect from your hot tub, but without the hefty price tag that we sometimes see attached to them. 


Simple designs combined with therapeutic massage jets make for the perfect combination of that affordable luxury we mentioned. Built with quality in mind and with a warranty to back it up, this is a strong entry-level hot tub brand that makes those Sunday morning soaks within reach.

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Prices start at around £5,495.

In terms of what you get for your money, The Jubilee MS will cost around £8,500 which is a six person hot tub that has both whirlpool flow and direct pressure jets.

The Encore LS is around £6,000 and has 53 jets as well as a no-float lounger to premium comfort. It seats six people and is available in a range of coloured shells and cabinets. 

The Crown is around £5,495 and has a depth of 35 inches and is packed with 49 jets. It seats six people in total, and is available in a deeper version, too.


They offer a ten year warranty on the exterior, a five year warranty on the heater, and three year warranty on components and leaking. Check the details on the website for exclusions and limitations. 

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What is the largest hot tub company?

Master Spas is the biggest hot tub company, producing tens of thousands of tubs a year in their specialist centre in Indiana. They have been in business for 25 years and know a thing or two about crafting hot tubs that are built to last. 

How much does a hot tub cost to run?

Running a hot tub comes with regular costs, and for maintenance and electricity, you’re looking at between £35 and £65 per month.

You can read more about hot tub running costs here.