If you already own a hot tub then you might be in it most evenings after work, but making your time in the tub that little bit more special isn’t always the easiest thing, so here are our top six ideas to make date night exciting when you’re spending time in the hot tub.  

All of these hot tub date night ideas are paired perfectly with LED mood lighting to get you feeling the romance, so choose the perfect setting to match your environment. Whether it is a regular occurrence or for a special occasion, save our date night ideas for the next time you want to pull something special out of the bag.

Mood music 

Music has the power to appeal to our emotions, and can take us to a whole range of places in our mind alone. Putting together the perfect playlist for your hot tub date night will enhance the mood, and can be the catalyst for both conversation and connection. When we listen to a piece of music we like or feel an affiliation with, dopamine is released in the brain, which gives us that warm and happy feeling. Plus, the part of the brain that is responsible for emotions and memory quite literally lights up when we hear a piece of music we resonate with – this is particularly true for love songs or romantic songs. 

Most hot tubs come with bluetooth as standard, and more advanced models come with integrated sound systems, which will make those notes sound so much sweeter. So, get searching, and put together a playlist of songs that you know that you and your date will love – it’s like the modern day version of a mix tape!

hot tub with view by lake

Home movie night

If you’re a fan or Art Attack, this idea might be for you, you will need a projector and a bed sheet, as well as a washing line or similar, to set up your very own at-home movie theatre, from the comfort of your garden. 

Set up your projector in a prime position, and make sure you get some movie snacks in for the occasion. Whether it is popcorn or hot dogs, nachos or pick and mix, stock up on your favourites and then all that’s left is to choose which movie you’re watching together!

Gazing and grazing 

If you live somewhere with little light pollution, then a gazing and grazing night is the perfect date night dream. Get a graze board in or make your own, and spend time with each other looking up at the sky, seeing which stars and constellations you can spot from your seat in the tub. 

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Double the bubbles 

Pop open a bottle of bubbly or something else as a treat, and enjoy some time to relax and unwind together. Whether it is a toast to end the week or simply a glass to enjoy together, there is something special about spending quality time together that has been carved out just for you too. 


Make a meal of it 

Plan a gorgeous date night filled with food, and treat your partner to an evening of decadence. Start the night with their favourite meal cooked by you, and then you can retire to the hot tub for some time together to finish off the evening. Pair it with a bottle of their favourite wine or bubbly, and you have a trio of delights for the evening ahead. 

A Sense sensation 

Adding hot tub aromatherapy products to your hot tub can really change the tone and atmosphere of the evening. There are so many options to choose from such as lavender, rose, and jasmine scents that will all help you to unwind. Choose specific hot tub aromatherapy products that will not leave an impact on your tub, and enjoy the relaxing properties of the oils throughout your evening. 

Just as a note, if you are having a tipple in the tub, make sure to stay hydrated at the same time, as alcohol will dehydrate your body. 

We hope these three ideas give you some inspiration on how to make your time in the tub that bit more romantic, happy dating!