Hot tubs aren’t generally noisy, and they only produce a low level humming noise when they are turned on. The noise shouldn’t be disruptive, but if yours is making more noise than it should, then there are some things you can do to minimise it if it is causing you, or your neighbours, problems.

How much noise is normal?

A small level of noise is normal, it is similar to a hum, and it can be likened to the level of volume you would hear from a quiet refrigerator. The noise will come from the pump which powers the jets that circulate the water. Other noises can come from vibrations against the surface your hot tub stands on, but this is more common with wooden decking. This is something to consider when you plan where to put your hot tub.

Why does my hot tub make a noise?

Aside from the above humming, there might be a few reasons why your hot tub is making more noise than normal, which can be disruptive or even irritating to you or your neighbours. Here are some of the most common causes and how to fix them.  

Old hot tub 

If your hot tub is over five years old and has a lot of use, the noise you’re hearing could be a result of the pump needing to be replaced. This can cost between £150-£300 to replace, but keep in mind that your hot tub should last 15 years or even longer, so a repair is much more cost effective than a replacement.

Water levels

If the water levels are too low within your hot tub, the jets might be making more noise than usual. Ensure that your hot tub is always filled to the correct levels and that your hot tub water is well maintained. You will need to drain your hot tub every three months or so, so make sure it is filled back up to the correct levels, and monitor your water levels in between. 


Poor insulation can be a cause of additional noise, and some of the more introductory models have less insulation than some of the ones with a bigger price tag. You can purchase insulated thermal blankets for your hot tub, and also hot tub covers that will help minimise the noise created if insulation is the cause.

Blockages and checks 

Checking the valves, filters, and pump for blockages, debris and whether they need cleaning and changing is also an important check to make if your hot tub is making more noise than normal. Although it might not be the direct cause of the noise, it could be a contributing factor if your hot tub maintenance is not quite up to scratch. 

How to make my hot tub quieter?

If you have run through all the checks, cleaned and changed the filters, valves, and there is no obstruction in the pump, there are a few ways you can make your hot tub quieter if it is all in working order. 


Insulation, as we mentioned, is one of the biggest causes of additional noise, so purchasing a hot tub cover and additional insulation can minimise the noise and disruption. These will be used when you’re not using the hot tub, but when it is switched on. This will also keep the water warmer and save on your electric bills – bonus.

hot tub cover


Considering an enclosure for your hot tub is also another way to minimise noise. By creating a space for your hot tub to live in, you will minimise the noise that travels outside of the enclosure, and also have the benefits of insulation. There are a whole range of ways you can enclose your hot tub. 


Where your hot tub is positioned could be contributing to the noise. We mentioned wooden decking being a particular offender for vibrations and humming, but in addition, placement of your hot tub near things like windows or doors will increase the sound, and having it right up against your neighbours fence might not make you neighbour of the year, either. 


If an enclosure isn’t for you, something like a windbreaker or screen might be a handy idea to try to reduce noise. You will enclose the sound and protect your hot tub from some of the elements, making for a quieter and calmer experience all around. 

Hot tubs are not noisy in general, and if you have more noise than the average hum, then it is worth exploring what might be a miss, and what you can do to bring a little more quiet into your hot tub sessions.