You should be changing your hot tub water every three to four months, no matter what cleaning solutions and sanitising system you are using. 

When you get into the hot tub, you will leave behind things like lotions, oil from your skin, detergent, hair products, and a whole range of other particles, known as dissolved salts. These build up in your hot tub over time, along with the chlorine build up from every time you add more to your hot tub without draining and cleaning it. 

With regular use, you should be changing your hot tub water every three to four months, but if you use the hot tub less, you will get away with leaving it longer. The same goes for more regular use, in the sense that you will need to change your water more often. 

How do I know when my hot tub water needs changing?

Aside from keeping a log of when your water will need changing, there are a few things you can look out for to see whether or not your water is due a change. 

Water quality 

Clouding of the water, foaming or a strong smell coming from the water is a sign that your water might need changing. It is often related to a chemical imbalance and, in which case, it is best to drain, clean, and refill your hot tub.

Chemical imbalances

If you consistently notice that it is difficult to maintain the chemical balances in your hot tub, then a change in water is usually necessary and the first port of call to rectifying the issue.


Change in colour on swimsuit materials, hot tub covers, or other items can mean that there is consistently too much chlorine in your water. This can usually be rectified without changing the hot tub water but it is one of the solutions to consider. 

Your hot tub maintenance 

Hot tubs need proper care and maintenance in order to function well and to prolong their lifespan. 

Here is a maintenance schedule that you can use for reference. 

After use

  • Check sanitiser levels and adjust accordingly
  • Check hot tub temperature to see it is working properly
  • Wipe marks and residue from the water line


  • Test the PH, alkalinity and sanitiser levels and adjust 
  • Rinse out your hot tub filters 


  • Clean the hot tub filters
  • Check the hot tub jets are in working order


  • Clean the pipes out using line flush
  • Drain, clean and refill the hot tub 
  • Add balancing chemicals 


  • Get a full hot tub service
  • Check for wear and tear
  • Replace the filters