The hot tub market is a wide one, and there are so many different types of tubs to choose from. If you’re in the market for a hot tub and wondering which type is right for you, then here are the ten types you need to know about.

Acrylic Hot Tubs

These hot tubs are made from plastic, and are some of the most durable and well-made hot tubs due to this. They’re commonly found and a strong choice, allowing room for moulded seats and different seating positions based on the style and brand. Along with this, they’re super lightweight and easy to clean with the relevant products, making them sanitary and they keep their fresh look for longer, too.

Cost rating: ££

Popularity: High

Pros: Durable, Lightweight, Easy to Clean

Cons: Aesthetic, Commonly seen, Lack of customisation

Wooden Hot Tub

Wooden hot tubs are some of the most aesthetically pleasing. With a nordic feel and the possibility of being anywhere in the world, even if you’re in your back garden. Wooden hot tubs are not as popular as some of the other choices, and they can be harder to clean, particularly if they have a wooden inner, as well as outer shell.

Cost rating: £££

Popularity: Low

Pros: Eye catching, Other-wordly, A feature piece

Cons: Hard to clean, Expensive, Hard to get hold of

In-Ground Hot Tub

Some of the most impressive-looking hot tubs but they have a price tag to match. In-ground tubs take a lot more planning and preparation, but they are more than worth it when you step into them for the first time. These are a particularly good choice if you are staying put in the home that you’re in, or you are looking to add significant value to your home through the addition of it.

Cost rating: ££££

Popularity: Medium

Pros: Asthetically pleasing, Adds value to home, Focal point

Cons: Expensive, Hard to install, Costly to leave behind

Inflatable hot tubs

One of the biggest and most popular choices, mainly due to the low investment and ease of set up. Inflatable hot tubs are highly sought after, and offer a hot tub option without the additional planning and investment involved in a permanent or hard shell hot tub. They can be prone to damage so be careful when using them and make sure you take proper care of them.

Cost rating: £

Popularity: Very High

Pros: Easy to buy, easy to install, easy to clean

Cons: Prone to damage, aesthetic, lack of customisation

Plug and play hot tubs

As well as inflatable tubs, we are seeing the rise of plug and play hot tubs, which have soft or hard shells, but run on a standard three pin plug. This makes them easy to use and move, and means you can get those bubbly hot tub benefits without the need for extra wiring and upheaval.

Cost rating: ££

Popularity: Very High

Pros: Cheaper to buy than others, Easy to use, Portable 

Cons: Less power, less bubbles, Can get damaged moving them around


A wood fired hot tub is the thing we think of when we imagine soaking in the snow, with views of faraway mountains. But, you can have a wood fired hot tub in your home or garden, which works well for those looking to spend less on electricity and live off the land, so to speak. They’re smokey and oaky, and make for the perfect centrepiece in your garden.

Cost rating: £££

Popularity: Medium

Pros: Authentic feel, Focal point, Unique look and feel

Cons: Heating time, Wood burning scent, hard to clean

Waterfall Hot Tub

One of the more boujee of features, a hot tub with a waterfall adds ambiance and atmosphere, often with an extra cost to the hot tub. They’re not as popular these days, as they use more water and electricity, but they’re a nice feature to look out for if you’re in the market for a hot tub that is out of the ordinary.

Cost rating: ££££

Popularity: Low

Pros: Extremely unique, adds value to home, ultimate relaxation

Cons: Lots of planning, bigger investment, costly to run

Swim spa combination

A swim spa combination is a great choice if you want to combine exercise and relaxation. A Swim spa is much cheaper than a built in pool, and so you get the best of both worlds and can spend time swimming as well as soaking in your hot tub. 

Cost rating: £££££

Popularity: Medium

Pros: Best of both worlds, great for exercise, you can get more use out of it

Cons: More expensive, takes up more room, more planning required

Custom made hot tubs

For those looking to go the extra mile, custom built hot tubs are a good choice if you have a specific space or need to fill. They come with a cost but make for a great talking point and feature in the home or garden, and can really complete the look you’re going for, with relaxation to boot.

Cost rating: £££££

Popularity: Low

Pros: Totally unique, bespoke requirements, focal point

Cons: Expensive, Extensive planning, Costly to leave behind

Moulded seats

Hot tubs with moulded seats are perfect for relaxation. They offer the ultimate comfort and place to spend time soaking away the day. You can get loungers too built into your hot tub, so you know the perfect place for your morning or evening relaxation.

Cost rating: £££

Popularity: High

Pros: Great for relaxation, comfort where needed, clear places to sit

Cons: Limited room, can be more expensive, loungers are not universal

What hot tub seats are available?

These hot tubs all come with a variety of seating options to suit the layout and number of people you want to accommodate. 

One person hot tubs

More popular than you would initially realise, one person hot tubs are great for those looking to save on space and still get all the benefits. A lot of these are inflatable or plug and play options, and can even be used post-training for those who are athletes. 

Two seater hot tubs 

Made for love and evenings spent under the stars, two seater hot tubs are the perfect piece of luxury without going all out on a big tub. They are cosy and comfortable, and the ideal place to sit and relax together.

Three to five seater hot tubs 

Modest but mighty, if you’re saving on space or you don’t want to take up the whole garden with your tub then a medium one for three to five people is the perfect solution.

Six to eight seater hot tubs 

If you’re an entertainer then a larger hot tub might be for you. Hot tubs that seat six to eight people are common and come in at a variety of price points depending on what you’re looking to spend. 

Nine plus hot tubs 

Extra large hot tubs are great for entertaining, but it won’t come as a surprise that with more seats come more jets and a bigger price tag. 

Lounger seats in hot tubs 

Lounger seats are sought after in hot tubs, and many tubs offer a combination where some are regular seats and some are loungers. One thing to be careful of is if you have people on the shorter or lighter side in your hot tub, it can be tricky to get comfortable on a lounger without feeling like you’re floating away. They’re great for comfort, but not suited to everyone. 

There are one seater hot tubs right through to eight seater hot tubs, available with both seats and loungers, or as a combination.

There are a few household hot tub names out there including Master Spa, Jacuzzi, and Hot Spring. 

While there is a lot of hot tub choice on the market, it can be confusing to find a fit, so make sure you do your research and we would always recommend going to see these hot tubs in person before purchasing, so you can get a feel for them, and the size, to check they are what you’re looking for.