Cloudy hot tub water can be a concern, and should be treated straight away. If you’re wondering what the cause could be and how you can fix it, here is everything you need to know.

Common causes of cloudy hot tub water

A chemical imbalance

If the alkalinity or PH level of the water is too high, you might end up with water that is a cloudy colour or looks a little milky. The same can also be said for if you have used a defoamer solution in the water, but gone overboard with the quantities. You can test the chemical balance of the water using a test strip if you think this could be a cause of the cloudiness. 

Testing hot tub water

Dirty or clogged filters

Dirt and debris builds up inside your filters, and if they become clogged or blocked, they will not do their job as well, causing a lack of clarity within the water, ensure you are on top of your filter cleaning schedule and check whether they need cleaning or replacing. 

Heavy hot tub usage 

If you use your hot tub more than the average, you might need to clean the hot tub more regularly, and change the water more regularly, too. This is simply due to the level of usage and is not something to be worried about so long as you stick to a good maintenance schedule for your hot tub. 

Build up of lotions and potions

If you’re someone who uses moisturiser, body lotions, fake tan, and perfumes, the cloudiness could be caused by a buildup of these things in the water. While we will not say you should not wear or use these products, it is worth knowing that they can have an impact on your hot tub health and you might need to clean your tub on a more regular basis. 

How to fix cloudy hot tub water

If you’re wondering how to fix cloudy hot tub water then here are the solutions you can look at.

A chemical check

Firstly, you will want to check the chemical levels in the hot tub. You can do this by using a test strip or a digital device if you have one. This test will tell you the PH level of the water and whether or not there is an imbalance in your levels. This should generally be your first port of call as it is one of the most common causes of cloudy hot tub water.

Give it a shock

You can try giving your hot tub a shock. This is a treatment which will oxidise the water and help with the chemical balance of your hot tub. You can buy shock solutions and note that this is not the same as the chlorine that you put in your tub. It is recommended that you shock your tub once a week anyway, but this can be one of the easiest solutions to fix a cloudy or milky colour in your hot tub water.

hot tub shock

Filter cleaning 

Dirty and debris filled filters might be the cause, so cleaning and rinsing your hot tub filters is another good solution for cloudy water. Make sure that your hot tub is turned off before you proceed with this process. You can give the filter a quick rinse or opt for a longer soak for a deeper clean. Your hot tub filter should last anywhere between 12-24 months depending on usage, so make sure you clean it before jumping to replace it. 

Chemical clarifier 

If you use lotions or have a build up of small debris causing the hot tub water to look cloudy, then a clarifier might do the trick. This is a solution that gathers the tiny particles in your hot tub and draws them together so that they can then be filtered out of the water. Make sure you use a specialised product for this as there are specific binding agents within it that ensure that it works.

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Full drain and clean

The last resort is a full drain, clean, and refill of your tub. It is not the ideal solution but sometimes you just need fresh water, and to clean any residue or scum that might have built up on the walls of the tub that might be causing the cloudy colour of the water. Make sure you have checked the other eventualities before you proceed with this step.

Can cloudy water damage your hot tub?

Cloudy water should not be a common occurrence in your hot tub. While there are a variety of reasons why the water may be cloudy, none of them are particularly good for the health of your hot tub. It is recommended that you treat the issue as soon as you can to prevent further maintenance being needed on your tub.

Is cloudy hot tub water safe?

Again, there are a variety of causes for cloudy hot tub water, and if it is a chemical imbalance or a build up of dust and dirt, it is not going to be something you want to spend time in. It is best to fix the issue as soon as you can and not to spend time in the hot tub until your water is back to its full health.

It is best to treat and troubleshoot the issue as soon as it becomes noticeable, so you can get back to dipping and relaxing as soon as possible. 

How often should you change my hot tub water?

Your hot tub water should be drained every three to four months depending on usage, which should also include a full clean and refill of the tub.