Hot Tub Maintenance and Service Plans

Maintaining the lifespan: You should have your hot tub regularly serviced by a professional, as in essence prevention of problems is far better than curing them afterwards. Regular servicing reduces the chances of breakdowns or repairs that all cost money you may not have to spend. If it’s kept in the best condition, you will be rewarded with excellent and uninterrupted service.

Quality of spa water: You need to maintain the correct chemical balance and filtration so that you can keep your water clear and clean. It also prevents a build-up of free harmful bacteria or even sometimes, algae. It not only keeps all users safe and healthy, but it helps protect the water pumps and jets too!

Energy use: Ensuring everything is working efficiently and correctly means that you receive the optimum return from the energy needed to run your hot tub. Not only does it save on your energy bills, but that also has a positive impact on the environment.

Each service plan caters to different needs:

Basic – allows you to spread the cost of your hot tub’s annual service requirement

Intermediate – this is for those who want to keep their hot tub safe and hygienic all year round and maintain the validity of their warranty

Full – this is a comprehensive maintenance service plan for those who want to enjoy their hot tub without too much bother on their part, while at the same time importantly maintaining the validity of their warranty

How much does a full professional hot tub or swim spa service cost?

A Full Professional Service is recommended for those who like to get the most from their hot tub or swim spa and enjoy theirs quite regularly. You also need to have a Full Professional Service at least every 12 months to maintain the validity of your Hot Tub warranty. It is also very preventative and can greatly avoid the chance of breakdowns involving often costly repairs that are essentially down to nothing but poor maintenance.

Hot Tub full Professional Service from £299
Single Zone Swim Spa full Professional Service from £450
Dual Zone Swim Spa full Professional Service from £550

How much is a Winter Shutdown Service

If you don’t plan to use your hot tub or swim spa when the weather becomes colder, a winter shutdown visit is highly recommended. This has to be done correctly to avoid burst pipes and cracked wet ends in pumps from residual water that freezes solid within pipes and pumps when the temperature drops below zero.

Hot Tub Winter shutdown service from £199
Single Zone Swim Spa Winter shutdown service from £300
Dual Zone Swim Spa Winter shutdown service from £350