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The popular Monaco 2 Lounger tub epitomises sitting back, relaxing, indulging and rejuvenating yourself in unashamed hot tub luxury. Five incredibly comfortable ergonomic seats, including two loungers, all with a slightly different water jet layout, provide all the comfort. There is an incredible configuration of 93 hydrotherapy jets taking care of the soothing and guaranteed rejuvenating water massage, with diverter dials on the top of the hot tub to enable you to control the power and flow of water from one seat to another.

The Monaco is powered by two ultra-reliable 3Hp pumps and a 0.5Hp circulation pump, all controlled by a sophisticated, top-of-the-range touchscreen display which is simplicity itself to operate. This keypad boasts a state-of-the-art touch screen for fingertip control of all the functions of your hot tub, to ensure you remain in total control. You can also add the optional WiFi kit for full remote control operation by your smartphone or tablet from any location where there is an internet connection to your WiFi.

The 3kw heater ensures the water is at the correct temperature, although there is the useful optional alternative of an AquaIntel 7kW Air Source heat pump. This can further reduce the already 68% savings in running costs, thanks to the built-in Spa tech insulation in the base, panel surrounds and shell of this incredible hot tub. Being 32 Amps mains-wires ensures you receive all the power you need.

The hot tub atmosphere and ambience experience are contributed to by pop-up Bluetooth speakers, underwater, water level and corner level LED lighting together with a waterfall and fountain feature.

Monaco 1 is spa hot tub luxury personified. The moment you step into this hot tub you’ll appreciate the craftsmanship, and when you let those 93 hydrotherapy jets get to work, you quickly realise you are in your own private hot tub paradise.

  • Seating – 2 Loungers and 3 Seats
  • 2100mm x 2100mm x 950mm; weight 450kg
  • 32Amps power supply
  • WiFi ready with Balboa WiFi compatibility
  • Premium Bluetooth speakers
  • LED lighting – Underwater, Water Level, Corner Panel
  • USA Aristech acrylic shell3kw heater with Spa Tech Insulation93 Jets2 x 3HP Pumps, 1 x 0.5HP Circulation Pump
  • Waterfall, Fountain
  • Gecko IN.K1001 touchscreen display control panel

Hot tub delivery UK

Delivery and installation is FREE within 220 miles of our showroom in Chesterfield, North Derbyshire. We charge £5 per mile once 220 miles is exceeded, this will be calculated on sale of the hot tub. Please ensure your house has sufficient space to access the hot tubs proposed position, if not we may need to organise delivery via crane aka a boom truck which will be a paid service. Take all the necessary measurements before our delivery is agreed to ensure a smooth delivery process. We also offer collections from our showroom free of charge.

Swim spa delivery UK

Crane (Hi-Ab) Swim Spa delivery within 100 miles, £699 with £5 per mile thereafter

We will arrange with you for delivery of your swim spa to your address at a mutually convenient time. We will lift the tub into your desired home location at home using our Hi-Ab (truck-mounted crane) delivery truck. There is a 9m reach on the Hi-ab lifting arm that we use, so the location of your swim spa needs to be relatively proximal to the physical point of delivery.

Flat Bed Swim Spa delivery within 100 miles, £599 with £5 per mile thereafter

We will arrange with you for delivery of your swim spa to your address at a mutually convenient time on our flatbed truck. You will need to have an arrangement in place at home for supplementary lifting facilities (a telehandler or crane capable of lifting your swim spa with straps) to lift the swim spa from our truck and place it in the required location. Please contact us to discuss this if required.

Once your swim spa is firmly in place, the water and electricity supply can then be connected (these both need to be installed in advance of your swim spa’s arrival, as does the base you intend to stand the swim spa on).

Please do contact us before your purchase to discuss any of these details, as we will require a walk-through video together with location photos.

Self-collection from our warehouse - FREE

You will always be welcome to come directly to our warehouse and collect your brand-new swim spa any time during weekdays or by appointment at weekends. We can load it onto your vehicle with our forklift truck.You will need a suitable vehicle or trailer that can safely accommodate a “big item” that weighs more than 1.5 tonnes.

You must also have the appropriate lifting equipment to unload and install the swim spa at your address.

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"Marble Black", "Marble White", "Odyssey Grey"

It has been recognised for many years now that hot tubs can provide users with some excellent health benefits, both physical and mental. The massaging jets and warm water in a modern hot tub can help to relax your muscles and also soothe your mind. The physical and health benefits of hot tubs are not new – they have been known for centuries.

However, there is much more to be gained from owning your own luxury hot tub. Relax in it whenever you want, no need to book in advance or queue at the venue; no interruptions from others waiting to use the tub, all with privacy and choosing who you want to be with you.

Reduce stress and anxiety

Regular hot tub use not only lowers those stress hormones, but it also boosts your mood through the raising of your levels. According to the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, the hot water in the tub also sends a signal to your brain that you can now relax, and being in your own private, luxury hot tub environment, your troubles can then simply melt away.

Increased circulation

According to Healthline Medical, relaxing in a hot tub can have positive effects on blood pressure by lowering it and increasing vascular function by gently, but importantly, raising your heart rate. Using your hot tub regularly can help reduce cardiovascular risk, even more relevant for people with decreased mobility.

Workout recovery

A good soak in a hot tub followed by a few gentle stretch exercises after a workout is a great way to relax your muscles, reduce stiffness and help you recover. According to the UK’s Marathon Handbook, the moist heat therapy of a hot tub can greatly accelerate muscle recovery.

Increased quality of sleep

According to the American National Library of Medicine, heating your body passively through immersion in a hot tub one to two hours before bedtime can help improve your sleep quality. It can also include a significant reduction in the time it takes you to actually fall to sleep, as well as improve your total sleep time overall.

Reduce inflammation

Hot tubs can help significantly with the relief from back pain, joint pains and headaches, according to NICE, (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence). The water temperature helps to reduce swelling and fluid build-up in joints, with the ‘weightlessness’ experienced in the water also helping to take the pressure off body joints and thus reduce the pain.

Helps manage arthritis symptoms

Hydrotherapy, using a hot tub, can help with increasing joint flexibility and mobility for those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Just a 15- to 20-minute soak in the soothing, buoyant warm water, decreases pressure on the joints and can help relax muscles.

Increased social connection

Your hot tub is not just your own personal relaxation, massager and stress reliever, but a great way to interact socially with friends and family by ‘not going out’ and thus having a great night in. Put your phones away, chat, laugh together, catch up with each other and relax in your own warm and quiet environment.

Some famous hot tub users

You could be joining some high-profile celebrities who are known for enjoying the benefits of their hot tubs at home.

The 2012 and 2016 Olympic gold medallist and London Marathon winner (plus many other world-class races) Sir Mo Farrah is known for using his hot tub for post-race recovery.

Soccer star David Beckham encourages others to unwind using hot tub time, something he firmly espouses so that his family can relax together away from the media spotlight.

George Clooney likes nothing more than regaling his film exploits to friends altogether enjoying the hot tub when entertaining at his home in Italy.

The always-busy Oprah Winfrey is a great advocate for self-care and recognises the therapeutic value a hot tub can bring. She regularly gathers her friends around her in her California mansion hot tub for long chats about the state of the world.

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