Aquark Silence 7kW Air Source Heat Pump


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This is another award-winning air source heat pump, with at 7kW, a just slightly lower output than it’s award-winning 9kW relative. The Aquark is also acknowledged as being one of the quietest (40dB, or similar to the hum of a refrigerator – normal conversation is between 50-65dB, which gives you an idea of how quiet it is) in the hot tub and swim spa market, wonderful if you listen to music while relaxing. This is enabled though Aquark’s unique airflow design.

Two of the main features of an air source heat pump is that they are far cheaper to run than a traditional hot tub or swim spa water heater, and also much kinder to the environment. The Silence range is not only as it names suggests, “silent”, but has at its heart the industry’s leading efficient Stepless DC Inverter control system with its unique and patented InverPad technology.

For the Aquark Silence 7kW, the energy saving performance is at an astounding COP (the official measurement of its “Coefficient of Performance”) return of up to 14, meaning that you get 14 times the energy (heat) out of the unit than you have to put in to run it. No mean feat in these times of high energy bills. You can save up to 65% on your energy costs.

The Aquark Silence has what is termed a “smart conversion compressor, fan motor and pressure system”, to provide its amazing energy saving performance. Like all air source heat pumps, it takes in the ambient air, sends it over the evaporator coil of the air pump, the built-in heat exchanger transfers the heat which then heats up the hot tub or swim spa’s water, and the process starts over again.

Hot tub delivery UK

Delivery and installation is FREE within 220 miles of our showroom in Chesterfield, North Derbyshire. We charge £5 per mile once 220 miles is exceeded, this will be calculated on sale of the hot tub. Please ensure your house has sufficient space to access the hot tubs proposed position, if not we may need to organise delivery via crane aka a boom truck which will be a paid service. Take all the necessary measurements before our delivery is agreed to ensure a smooth delivery process. We also offer collections from our showroom free of charge.

Swim spa delivery UK

Crane (Hi-Ab) Swim Spa delivery within 100 miles, £699 with £5 per mile thereafter

We will arrange with you for delivery of your swim spa to your address at a mutually convenient time. We will lift the tub into your desired home location at home using our Hi-Ab (truck-mounted crane) delivery truck. There is a 9m reach on the Hi-ab lifting arm that we use, so the location of your swim spa needs to be relatively proximal to the physical point of delivery.

Flat Bed Swim Spa delivery within 100 miles, £599 with £5 per mile thereafter

We will arrange with you for delivery of your swim spa to your address at a mutually convenient time on our flatbed truck. You will need to have an arrangement in place at home for supplementary lifting facilities (a telehandler or crane capable of lifting your swim spa with straps) to lift the swim spa from our truck and place it in the required location. Please contact us to discuss this if required.

Once your swim spa is firmly in place, the water and electricity supply can then be connected (these both need to be installed in advance of your swim spa’s arrival, as does the base you intend to stand the swim spa on).

Please do contact us before your purchase to discuss any of these details, as we will require a walk-through video together with location photos.

Self-collection from our warehouse - FREE

You will always be welcome to come directly to our warehouse and collect your brand-new swim spa any time during weekdays or by appointment at weekends. We can load it onto your vehicle with our forklift truck.You will need a suitable vehicle or trailer that can safely accommodate a “big item” that weighs more than 1.5 tonnes.

You must also have the appropriate lifting equipment to unload and install the swim spa at your address.

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"3kW", "4kW"

How does a hot tub air source heat pump actually work?

Simply, a hot tub air source heat pump extracts heat from the surrounding air, increases its temperature though the built-in compressor, and then passes the heat to your hot tub water. The process is as follows:

  1. The heat pump’s fan draws air over liquid refrigerant-filled tubes. These absorb the heat and convert the refrigerant into gas.
  2. This gas-state refrigerant then is compressed, via an electric pump, to raise its temperature.
  3. The heated gas is enters a heat exchanger, where the heat to the hot tub water. 
  4. The gas-state refrigerant then passes through a pressure valve, where it cools back down to its liquid state, and the cycle repeats. 

Hot tub air source heat pumps can extract heat form the air more efficiently in warmer weather. They do work just as efficiently in temperatures that are far lower than we see here in the UK, but it just takes that little bit longer to heat the hot tub water in lower temperatures.

Are hot tub air source heat pumps expensive to run?

Air source heat pumps have a somewhat astounding 300% efficiency rating. So, in comparison with a standard 32 amp electrical heating supply to your hot tub, they are certainly far less expensive to run. You can see up to a 65% reduction in your energy use, which in simple terms means that for every conventional heating £1 you would otherwise spend, it would be only 35p with an air source heat pump.

Will an air source heat pump affect my normal house heating?

An air source heat pump will have no effect on your house heating as it is fitted solely to your hot tub only.

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