The short answer is yes, you should leave your hot tub on all the time. 

Initially, that might sound quite daunting, but for the long term health of your hot tub, and your bank balance, you will want to leave your hot tub on so that it is ready for that spontaneous soak!

Keeping your hot tub on all the time will actually save you money; the insulation from the tub will keep the water warm, and the heater will only kick in when it is needed. If you have to warm your hot tub up from scratch, it is a lot more energy-intensive and not energy efficient – or pocket friendly. 

What temperature to keep a hot tub at when not in use?

You can run your hot tub at a slightly lower temperature if it isn’t in use, but remember that you will want to get it to between 36 and 40 degrees when it is in use, and you don’t want to have to wait hours for it to heat back up. 

A few degrees is fine, but any more and you will have a wait on your hands.

hot tub with view by lake

What if I’m away for a long period?

You shouldn’t turn it off unless it will be out of action for four weeks or more, then it could be time to put it away for a few weeks. Some people opt to turn their hot tub off during winter months. Hot tubs get a lot of use in winter here in the UK, so you may want to make sure yours is ready for action.

How can I run my hot tub more efficiently?

  • Purchase a quality hot tub cover for better insulation.
  • Clean your filters with filter cleaner every 2 – 4 weeks depending on usage.
  • Turn the temperature down when not in use for extended periods of time.
  • Purchase a heat pump – one user saved 66% of their running costs.
  • Use the energy saver mode
  • Add insulation on the floor and surroundings
  • Turn your air coolers off
  • Service your hot tub
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When should I turn my hot tub off? 

There are two main reasons that you would usually turn your hot tub off; cleaning the filters, and draining your hot tub. 

Cleaning your filters

You should look to fully clean your filters in your hot tub every three months, with regular checks in between. Cleaning your filters is essential to keeping your hot tub running smoothly, and over time, filters can catch debris and dirt, along with dust and particles, which means they need regular care and maintenance. 

Weekly – Rinse with water

Monthly – Rinse with chemical solution 

Every three months – Overnight chemical soak for a full clean

Hot tub filters usually need to be replaced once a year.

You will need to turn your hot tub off for all of these activities, as you don’t want to run it without a filter in place. These maintenance tasks are short and sweet, so you will have your hot tub back on and bubbling in no time.

Draining your hot tub

You will need to drain your hot tub every three to four months, which includes a full drain, clean, and refill. There are a number of reasons you might need to drain your hot tub, but the main reason is to keep it running smoothly and in working condition. 

If you use your hot tub regularly, to minimise the build up of dirt in the hot tub, as well as things like perfumes and lotions that can attach to the hot tub during use. From a cleanliness and hygiene point of view, it is a sure way to keep your hot tub looking and feeling fresh. 

Even if you do not use your hot tub regularly, you will need to drain it, this is because the chemicals and chlorine needed to balance the PH levels can also cling to the hot tub, and without use even float to the bottom, and they can be stubborn to remove if left untreated. 

Other reasons you might want to turn your hot tub would be in the case of extreme weather before securely covering it, keeping it protected from the weather and elements. If you know that you won’t be using your hot tub for weeks at a time between four and six weeks or more, then you should be switching it off to conserve energy.