Yes, hot tubs help to ease the pain that can be associated with arthritis, and while it doesn’t cure or prevent the condition, it can offer a lot of relief and pain management to those who suffer. 

Hot tubs and arthritis 

The main thing about hot tubs is that they combine heat therapy and hydrotherapy, bringing together two of the most impactful releases for arthritis pain together. 

Relief and relaxation 

Hot tubs offer pain relief through the combination of heat and hydrotherapy, as well as offering the chance to unwind. The absence of pain makes it much easier for the mind to rest as well as the body.

Movement and blood flow 

Hydrotherapy allows for an increased range of movement, which in turn helps the blood flow through the body. Mobility and movement are key areas where hot tubs can help those with arthritis move and blood flow. 

Wellbeing and wellness

The reduction in pain has a mental impact, reducing stress and anxiety in those suffering, as well as the heat and hydrotherapy bringing in other elements of relaxation and meditative states. Using a hot tub regularly if you suffer from arthritis will contribute to an overall uplift in wellbeing and wellness.

Hydrotherapy for arthritis 

Hydrotherapy is shown to help those with arthritis, namely in three specific ways.


The water acts as resistance for you, so you can exercise and move your joints and body while having some resistance, but ultimately it is a low impact way to move.


The water supports your weight, giving you a ‘weightless’ feeling which provides significant relief from joint and muscle pain for the time you are in the water.


The warm water allows you to relax while you are in the water, and should you want to exercise while you’re in there, the warm water helps to lubricate the joints for ease of movement.

Heat therapy for arthritis

Heat therapy for arthritis has been proven to help with both pain and mobility. This is because when you warm up a joint or muscle, the blood vessels get bigger. The growth here allows for more blood, oxygen, and nutrients to go to the tissue, meaning better circulation. This in turn leads to more relaxed muscles and joints. 

Other forms of heat therapy could include warm showers, warm compresses, and using warm dips or showers as means to prepare your body for physical activity. 

There are contraindications to consider so please conduct your own research, and avoid heat therapy if you have an acute injury or flare.

Real world reviews

Every case of arthritis will be different, but there is a whole world of social proof out there, of people suffering with arthritis who find that using a hot tub helps to ease their pains.

Hot tubs offer relief and pain management for those suffering with arthritis, and while it can not be used to cure or prevent, hot tubs do offer a level of rest and respite when used regularly.

You can learn more about the scientific studies and supporting material via this article