Hot tub leaks are one of the most common problems but also the thing you least likely want to deal with. The good news is that most of the time, hot tub leaks are relatively quick and easy to fix, so you won’t have to deal with too much tub down-time. 

What are the causes of a hot tub leak?

Hot tub leaks can be common, but there are a few main things that crop up and cause a hot tub leak. 

Rubber O-rings, seals, and gaskets are the most common parts of a hot tub that will cause it to leak, down to the wear and tear on a hot tub and regular use. The good news is that these three parts are easy to identify and replace. 

Other causes of hot tub leaks can be – 


If the heater is leaking then you will need to seek professional help.


Pumps are susceptible to cracks with wear and tear, and some of these can be repaired and replaced at home without the help of a professional.


Uncommon but not unheard of, cracks to the hot tub shell can cause leaks and these, again, need to be examined and repaired by a professional.

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What to do if your hot tub is leaking?

If your hot tub is leaking and you have identified the issue, your first step is to drain the hot tub, so you can take a look at how to fix it. Don’t forget to disconnect your hot tub from the power supply using a circuit breaker, as you need to be able to look at the different parts of your hot tub safely. 

Note – if you are still identifying the leak, you may need to refill your hot tub partially as you eliminate the different elements that could be leaking. Always do this with caution.

O rings

If your hot tub is leaking and you do not know the cause, you will want to go on ahead and drain the tub anyway, as you will need access to the moving parts of your tub. You will then need to unscrew the unions and check the O ring for any damage. If damaged, you can replace this and see if the leak issue persists.

Once you’ve checked the o ring, your next port of call is going to be the union and plumbing of your hot tub for cracks or damage. 


If the leak is coming from the pump, it might be another o-ring fix that you need. If the leak is coming from the centre of your pump, you may need to look to replace the shaft seal. If this is the issue and where the leak is coming from, seek help from a trained professional. 


Sometimes, your valves need tightening, and this can fix the leak in a lot of cases. If it doesn’t fix it, it may be that the valve has deteriorated and needs to be replaced, which can be done when the hot tub is empty and off. 

Freeze damage 

If this is the cause of the leak, get in touch with a professional to seek their help and advice. 

How to find a hot tub leak?

Finding the leak in your hot tub can be down to trial and error, but there are some quick ways you can spot where the leak is coming from. 

Checking the o-rings is the first step, looking out for any damage, as this is the most common cause of hot tub leaks. 

You can also work your way through the list above to see whether there are any abnormalities or cracks that might be tell-tale signs of a leak.

If you cannot find the cause of your hot tub leak, then you can get a second opinion from someone in your house, but failing that, call a professional who will help you identify and diagnose the problem, along with fixing it.

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How to fix a hot tub leak?

Hot tub leaks can be fixed if they are small and easy enough for you to deal with. If it is a minor leak or you have identified where the leak is coming from, you can attempt to fix this yourself. For things like freeze damage and bigger leaks, you will want to seek the help of a professional. 

Cracks to the shell also need to be looked at and repaired professionally, as tempting as it may be to patch it up yourself. 

How to prevent hot tub leaks?

The first thing to say is that with wear and tear, some leaks are unavoidable, but regular hot tub checks,care, and maintenance will all minimise the risk of your hot tub leaking. 

You should be cleaning out your hot tub every three to four months, which will involve a total drain, clean, and refill, which is often when people spot things that might need work or attention on their hot tubs.