Hot tubs are associated with moments of relaxation, but they’re also great bases for entertaining and games. Here are 10 games you can play in a hot tub without getting soggy cards or chess pieces in unspeakable places. 

Games you can play in a hot tub

Whether two’s company or you have a tub full, there are a host of games you can play to get the party going or the conversation flowing. Here they are, our favourites, in all of their glory. 

Keep in mind that you will likely only be in the hot tub for up to an hour, so be careful not to get too engrossed in your games!

Card and board games 

Card games are perfect for a hot tub, so long as you have waterproof or plastic cards. Many come with a coating on, but you don’t want your game to disintegrate in front of your eyes – you’d never know who was going to win. As long as they’re waterproof and ready for some wet action, board games are firm favourites for a hot tub.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need a floating tray for some of these games!

UNO Splash

A waterproof version of the most-addictive card game. Grab your friends in the tub and hope you end up holding one card and calling UNO! 

Players: 2+

Magnetic chess

Make sure you get one with a waterproof board, but magnetic chess means that your pieces won’t get lost underwater with one false move. Fun to play and engaging for your mind, chess is a great game to play in the tub. 

Players: 2


These cards are made of plastic so we’re winning straight away. 

Players: 2-4


The guessing game for two players, where you shout hit or miss and rely on your own intuition. Plenty of fun and a great one to add to your hot tub gaming repertoire.

Players: 2

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Word games 

No board games or waterproof cards? No problem. Sometimes, the best games are the ones that we make up in our heads, so here are three of the oldies and the goodies. 

Never have I ever

Each person takes their turn to declare something that they have never done. Everyone who has done it, has to take a forfeit. They could lose a point, drop a finger down, if you’re playing with drinks, take a sip.

Players: How many seats do you have?

Truth or dare

We don’t need to tell you how to play truth or dare, but we will just say be careful if you’re getting in and out of the tub. Happy daring and truth telling.

Players: Gather anyone and everyone.


The ultimate guessing game where someone has to act out a scene, movie, song, or just about anything else – without using words. This one could go on for hours after time in the tub, enjoy,

Players: As many as you like!

Other games 

There is a whole world of other games out there but here are three that we all know and love.

Ping Pong

You need a ping pong ball and two teams. Each team has to try and make their ball touch the opposing team’s side of the hot tub. You can splash it, push it, blow it, you just can’t touch it. You get a point each time the ball touches the opposing team’s side.

Players: Two teams, you choose

Water Balloons

Fill water balloons with cold water and get each person to hold it above the head before passing it on. The balloon will break, and someone will get an ice cold shower!

Players: As many as are willing

Video Games

Grab an old data projector and project the screen onto your hot tub cover or a wall. As long as everyone has a towel and a good amount of common sense, Mario Kart and Smash make for great entertainment.

Players: As many controllers as you have!