Hot tubs are one of the best investments you can make for your home and garden, but how can you make sure you’re using it to its full potential? Here are the best times to use your hot tub.


Using your hot tub in the morning is a great way to clock up those hours soaking, and whether it is a lazy weekend morning or a quick dip before a busy day at work, we need no convincing that it is a good idea. 

A long soak

One way is to ease into the day with a luxurious soak before heading out to work. This will relax not only the muscles in the body but also the mind, which can be particularly beneficial if your job involves a lot of stress.

hot tub at night

Hot and cold

You might choose a quick dip before work that is combined with some cold water therapy. A soak before cold water exposure is a great way to loosen up through the body, and it is known to reduce stiffness in the body, as well as decreasing pain. Aside from the physical benefits, hot and cold therapy can have transformation effects on the mind, too.

Easy like a Sunday morning

We don’t need to say too much about this one, other than it is the best way to spend a Sunday, or Saturday, morning. Kick off the day or the weekend in style and relax in your tub. Maybe you can even invite a friend or your partner to join you, and ease off from the week in a way that will calm both mind and body. 

After dark

When the sky gets dark is one of our favourite times to use the hot tub. You can dim the lights in your garden or enclosure and spend time looking up at the stars while soaking in your tub. Let your worries and stresses float away, perfect. 

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Post work out recovery

If you want to create the ultimate post-workout recovery regimen, then a hot tub should be part of your plan. Soaking in the tub will ease your muscles and allow your body to relax, making it the perfect time to use and indulge in a hot tub session. 

If you’ve finished a particularly tough session then a hot tub soak could be the perfect counter-activity. A soak could aid muscle recovery, reduce any joint pain, and help with sleep regulation, all on top of soaking those aching muscles!

Rest days

What better way to spend a rest day than with a soak in your hot tub? Rest days are an integral part of any workout routine but we also understand the need to do something for your body. Many agree that the perfect time to get in a hot tub post-workout is 24-48 hours after, to give your muscles the time to relax and to allow any inflammation in the body to go down, so pop that soak in your schedule.

hot tub in the morning

Before bed 

90 minutes before bed is the optimum time to use a hot tub before you sleep, allowing the body to relax and unwind, with the warmth of the water signalling to your body that it is time to start your sleep pattern.

Stress relief

You can use a session in your hot tub to help with stress relief. The warm water releases the muscles in your body and using other things like aromatherapy and taking advantage of the jets will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after a session in the hot tub.

For pain management

Hot tubs are also used for pain management, for conditions like arthritis, joint pain, and general aches and pains. Step into the tub and let the water wash over you as you ease your body and rest your mind. 


Hot tubs can help with the symptoms and side effects that come with having arthritis. While a hot tub will not cure arthritis, there are studies to show that warm water and jets are proven to ease the pain. 

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Joint pain 

The warm water can work wonders for joint pain, offering temporary relief and ease. The hot tub will reduce swelling and inflammation which will take the pressure off the joints, coupled with the fact that the water will lighten the body – or so it feels. This is because the pressure in the water under the body is more than the pressure in the water above the body, but we can just go on feelings, here!

Aches and ailments

The same goes for aches and ailments for all the same reasons, but if you’re feeling achy or heavy, perhaps you have pulled a muscle or exerted yourself too much, then a hot tub session can relieve the body of those aches. If you have any medical conditions or concerns please speak to a medical professional before you use a hot tub. 

Seasons greetings 

Winter warmers

Winter is often a time that gets neglected for hot tub users, but there is something magical about the crispness of the air and time spent in hot water. It’s the perfect end to a long day and a great way to unwind as the temperatures start to drop. 

Summer fun

Summer Saturday’s and long nights spent in and around the tub make for the perfect plan. Whether you’re cooking up a storm on the BBQ, playing games, or entertaining, hot tubs are made to be enjoyed throughout the summer. 

How long should you spend in your hot tub?

You should typically spend no more than an hour in your hot tub, and many people find that the sweet spot is around the 15-30 minute mark, to get the soak that they need.